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Chip Litre's Poker Mods
This site contains Poker Mods for Party, Empire, and Pacific Poker. Remove empty chairs from Party/Empire. New 4-color cards, beautiful chips, and new nameplates for Pacific Poker.
Paragon Poker Suite 3.1
Poker card game with five user skill levels (try beating it in expert mode ) and tournament-style player elimination. The package still features the original Poker Calculator which enables you to determine the odds of winning or improving any starting poker hand.
DD Tournament Poker
Poker software where you can both practice your tournament skills and experience what the pro's do as well as manage your local poker night no-limit hold'em tournaments. DD Tournament Poker is easy to use, has nice graphics and features an advanced learning
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baccarat, blackjack, craps, fruitslots, fruit slots, roulette, videopoker, video poker
Statistical program analyzes an individual's Texas Hold'em play at Paradise Poker using hand histories. Gather profiles on competition in order for you to play optimally.
Holdem Winner
Innovative software aiming to assist the online Texas Holdem player by calculating odds on the spot and making recommendations. AUTO version for Party Poker, Poker Stars and more.
UK Tournament Poker Software
Tournament and cash game simulations are modeled on typical small buy-in (o25 and under) tournaments played in the UK.7 Card Stud, Texas Hold-Em and Omaha Tournaments are playable. You can also play cash games and practice against the computer.
Texas Holdem Games & Analyzers
Texas Hold'Em and Seven Card Stud High and High-Low. Sold separately.
Winning Strategies Holdem ProGuide
Percent probability, odds, and outs for drawing to a better hand from Flop to River. Instant action hints based on the ranking and expected win percentage of your pre-flop cards. Warning messages when board is paired and other critical things to look out for.
Categorized lists of lots of poker freeware.
Great freeware evaluator of Texas Hold'em hands. Can enumerate complex preflop situations about faster than most evaluators available today.
Categorized lists of lots of poker freeware.
The Pokalyzer
Provides statistical analysis and odds of Texas Hold'em situations of up to ten players, where you get the exact odds for each player. Complete heads-up information for every starting hand and how they play against any other hand.
TH Software: PokerStat
Poker hand tracker and statistical database program to analyze your opponents, but also your own game. Supports Hold'Em and Omaha Hi and HiLo 8 games and tournaments on Paradise Poker.
Poker Tracker allows you to analyze your online poker room play in great detail. Poker Tracker stores and summarizes hand history data that can be downloaded from your poker room. All Texas Holdem stakes levels including No-Limit and Pot-Limit. There is no extra charge for higher limit games. Supports Empire Poker, Party Poker, Paradise Poker, Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet
Hokfelt ComputerWorks
Poker simulation software called QED Poker Simulator. This software is designed to produce winning odds for all possible Texas Hold'em poker situations.
PokerTracker (for Palm)
Track your poker sessions and calculates some standard statistics. You can see your standard deviation and hourly rate based on where, what and how high you play.
Poker Charts
Track your personal performance against opponents for all of your sessions online, casino, tournaments or home games. You can login securely and anonymously from a web browser or mobile device.
Poker Game Online
Free download of draw poker.
Hold'em Analyzer
Texas Hold'Em simulation. Gives you precise win rates and odds for any hand. You can analyze a single or all starting hands against any number of opponents, where you also you can sort the results by various criteria
The PokerWiz is an analysis tool, where you can find out what the probabilities and odds are in any poker situation
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